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skincare, Pharm Tree Daily-Care Cream

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  • Materialtriticum vulgare extracts

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  • South Korea South Korea
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1. Contains triticum vulgare extracts.

- Made with ingredients exclusively licensed from DAMOR S.P.A in Italy.

- Provides moisture and nutrition to the skin, helping prevent skin damage caused by external environment.

2. Highly moisturizing care for sensitive dry skin.

- Contains highly moisturizing ingredients including ceramide 3 and vegetable oil.

- Creates moisture barrier, relieving itching caused by dryness.

- Contains a large amount of plant-derived ingredients, relieving and soothing skin stress.

3. All in one large volume

- All-in-one lotion for the whole body! Multi-functional product available on the face & the body.

- Large volume (250 ml) making the entire family available.

- Keeps the skin moist all day long by using it once a day.



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skincare_ Pharm Tree Daily_Care Cream